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“The lack of educational resources and opportunities create poverty and inequality; poverty and inequality lead to violence.  Conversely, quality education can lead to economic opportunities for the “have nots” so that there is no incentive to hurt those who are perceived as “the haves”. 
Shakeel Ali, Co-Founder

The primary and fundamental mission of ASK Academy is to increase student retention and graduation rates and help them identify their career paths. Our goal is simple, to help at risk students stay and succeed in school and life after graduation. We use education, economics and entertainment to help students cope with crime, drugs, poverty and violence that lead to high drop out rates.

We have programs to mentor and show students how to navigate through these arduous issues. We have personalized classes as well as computer based training which enable students to handle behavior, cultural, and health issues. We also identify the need for technical skills and emotional intelligence.

We have training not only for students, but other professionals. ASK Academy provide computers, digital equipment, educational software, and leadership training to institutions such as schools, juvenile detention centers, foster homes, community based organizations and non-profits.

Over the last eight years, ASK Academy has achieved many notable accomplishments. Many of our youth have gone on to graduate from top universities including U.C. Berkley’s Haas School of Business and U.C. Davis. We have trained over 400 volunteer mentors who make up our unique “Community of Professionals”. We have put on countless trainings and workshops focusing on all areas of healthy child development and education.

Mission Statement

The primary and fundamental mission of ASK Academy is to increase students’ retention and graduation rates; empowering them to stay in school, graduate, and to identify their right career paths. ASK Academy has created a substantial, comprehensive, and innovative curriculum targeting specific areas of education and student development. The focus is on: life/career planning, personal maturation, leadership development, academic achievement/study skills, healthy parenting, conflict resolution, tutoring and career mentoring.

To empower teachers, youth development professionals, and business owners to help schools and surrounding communities create safe and healthily learning environments that support “Equitable Learning and Social Justice”.